GRANITE COUNTERTOPS IN ATLANTA GEORGIA                                                   

Granite is one of the toughest stones used in countertop manufacturing; it is mined from various quarries worldwide. Its durability is remarkable, and granite surface is quite shiny which provides an elegant look. As the name suggests, Unigranite is known for its exceptional granite countertops and granite countertop repair services in the Atlanta region. Its affordable pricing and stain resistance scratch-free surface make it the most popular choice for kitchen countertops.


Indeed, granite countertops don’t require much maintenance, but a little care won’t hurt, right? So, if you follow these small steps (that won’t take more than 5 minutes of your day), you can keep your countertops clean as you just installed them yesterday!


Dust the counters with a microfiber cloth on a daily basis. Use a moist towel (with water) to clean Granite countertops instead of using harsh chemicals.

A neutral pH stone cleaner can be used every other day to clean granite countertops. If your countertops have greasy stains, combine a cup of baking soda or flour with five teaspoons of dish soap and a little water. Cover the stain with the mixture or poultice and wrap it with plastic wrap overnight. In the morning, remove the poultice and dry with a dry cloth.

GRANITE COUNTERTOP INSTALLATION AND COUNTERTOP TESTING                                                                   

Regular sealing is the only thing you need to do to prevent liquids from absorbing into the countertop material. The steps are simple, splash some water on your granite countertops and see if the water soaks in or just sits. You must reseal the countertops if the water soaks in and does not bead up. As the sealer breaks down and soaks in, the most popular locations around the sink or regions of high use will get darker.

Sealing is a relatively straightforward process that needs to be done only on an annual basis. The procedure includes removing all objects from your granite counters, applying a sealer, allowing it to dry, and then cleaning away any remaining sealant.



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